Review of Webflow: What Sets This Website Builder Apart?

Need a DIY website builder with robust customization features suitable for agencies? See if Webflow is the best option for you by reading our review.

Webflow is a fully functional website builder with the goal to "empower designers, creative professionals, and entrepreneurs to develop for the online,". The business provides a range of tools made to assist customers in setting up and maintaining a stunning, completely customizable webpage without sacrificing freedom or forcing users into molds made by pre-designed, pre-built templates. What tools does Webflow employ to increase page speed? Static models.

Features of Webflow Site Builder

A template serves as the basis of a Webflow site, like most other website builders do. You can pick from hundreds of templates that have been expertly created. Your chosen template can be altered to be ideal for your brand and objectives.

The four main categories that Webflow splits its template-editing/site-building tools into are Designer, CMS, Hosting, and Editor.


If you want to change the code itself, you can do so knowing that you'll have access to all the features offered by CSS3 and HTML5, including support for the box model, 3D CSS transforms, custom transitions, floats, and flex boxes, as well as the most recent typography, gradients, and DOM organization techniques.

Additionally, without knowing JavaScript, you may achieve trigger-based interactions like animations that start when the user scrolls, clicks, hovers, or loads a page.

The CMS Webflow

In addition to being an effective site designer and builder, Webflow is a complete content management system (CMS) like Drupal, Magento, and WordPress.

Like its creator, Webflow CMS is driven by adaptability and power. Without being constrained by templates, blog-centric content formats, or difficult scripting languages, create the material you require. Webflow provides schemas, which you can create and link to the website design you wish.

Since you probably have customer-centric data on hand, you may dynamically update your content so that your sites are tailored to the visitor. When working with content, you can use practically anything you can imagine, including colors, photos, text, and numbers.

Webflow CMS

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Need a Webflow expert?

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