How to become Instagram Famous!

There are many ways to grow your audience on Instagram! These 5 tips will help you attain your goal of becoming Instagram famous. It is easier than you think, but you have to be patient and be willing to experiment ;)


There are many ways to grow your audience on Instagram! These 5 tips will help you attain your goal of becoming Instagram famous. It is easier than you think, but you have to be patient and be filling to experiment ;)

Step 1: Your Flow

Think of your Instagram account as your personal portfolio, your posts sell YOU! So make sure they look GREAT together. Make sure that your feed looks strong as a whole, and do not over focus on each post individually. People follow you because of your feeds flow, not because of one photo. Make sure to analyse how well posts will fit in your current profile before your post them! This is a common things you will find when analysing already Instagram famous users.

Build style, try to find a unique style that will motivate people to tap “FOLLOW”. A recommendation by successful Instagrammers is to use color presets or special filters. Through that, you can make sure that you reach color consistency with in your profile theme. People respond to color, so have that aspect covered. I personally recommend building your own LightRoom presets.

Step 2: Reach Out!

You might have heard people such as @GaryVee say “do DM 10 hours a day” and that creating enticing content is just 50% of the equation, the other 50% is the work on the platform, reaching out to people, liking and commenting. That is TRUE! Even though you may not want to spend 10 hours a day doing that, you should at least reach out to other Instagrammers that are trying to attain the same goals as you are. Try to come up with an enticing pitch and simply go for it. If you get a reply by every 10th person you reach out to you know your on the right path.

Another important thing is to comment on peoples profiles that you think fit your account! A smart thing to do is to ask questions, leave comments that will get a dialog started and motivate them to check out your profile at least once! Thats when your work will prove successful or… well you know (ReWork). Getting in touch with already Instagram famous accounts can be difficult, so you may try to get in touch with accounts that aren't that big yet, but have potential.

Step 3: Express the Vibe!

In your caption area, do not overuse hashtags! Try to instead write a little bit about the things you felt taking that photo/video/boomerang(you name it!!!) that can’t be directly seen on the post. Try to write something that will get people to comment and in the most optimum case, ask questions. Always make sure to comment back! Say “thank you” if someone left a nice comment and be sure to respond with a question as well! This way you will get a dialog started! This way, step by step you are able to grow your audience and slowly but steadily become Instagram famous.

Step 4: Move from being inspired to inspire

Adapt a “Think different” mindset, when it comes to creating content, make sure to not be the millionth person to have taken the same picture! Try to view things from a different angle and come up with something unique. Always go the extra mile an! A good way to push your creativity is to limit yourself, for example: try to take more pictures with your old vintage camera that lacks in many things your iPhone doesn’t, this way you’ll be forced to put in the effort. This is not always easy so don’t be scared to experiment. It’s fine to fail! You will notice that many Instagram famous accounts go the extra mile, and so should you!

“Start now, use what you have, do what you can!”

Step 5: Do not get distracted!

By far the most important aspect of the equation to reaching Instagram success is the consistency! Try to find out how often you want and can post. A good thing to do is to plan out posts for the week. An important aspect to determine is to know what kind of account you are trying to build, is it a best photos only account or more of a social everyday/documenting account? This will clearly identify how often you should be posting. One thing is for sure, CONSISTENCY IS KING, so make sure to NOT STOP POSTING! A good tip here is to look at some analytics, look at which posts people liked most and try to see why? Then try to lean towards that. It is proven that when you post consistently and get your vibe right, your account will grow, and you will eventually become Instagram famous!

What do you feel is the best way to grow your audience? If you have any tips let us know in the comments.